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      全國服務熱線: 15805283585

            鎮江市海格樂電子科技有限公司位于鎮江市 丹徒新區 華園路。自2009年成立起。海格樂已擁有多項專利認證。生產工廠通過了BSCI國際認證,產品生產標準符合FCCCE權威認證。產品用料實行RoHS環保認證標準、公司產品質量管理體系實行iso-90001執行標準,并且通過了相關認證。公司與多家國際貨代公司保持長期合作關系,有用強大的物流支持服務,支持DDP、FOB等多種國際物流方式。



              Zhenjiang Haigele Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang, Dantu new district, Huayuan Road. Since 2009. Hagler has a number of patent certification. The production plant has passed the BSCI international certification, the product production standards in line with the FCC and CE certification authority. RoHS environmental product materials certification standards, the company's product quality management system implementation of iso-90001 standards, and passed the relevant certification. The company and a number of international freight forwarding companies to maintain long-term cooperation, useful strong logistics support services, support DDP, FOB and other international logistics. Hagler has a software engineers, structural engineers, circuit engineers and other professionals composed of R & D Team. Team Research and development experience, can provide professional product design, new product research and development services. Company adhere to the“Product innovation, customer first, people-oriented, integrity management” business philosophy, in the face of market competition, Hegelow people know: Opportunities and challenges coexist, only based on good faith, innovation to reach far, to constantly surpass themselves, advance with the times!